Ronald Steed

Team Resilience… an Conversation with Tom Cox

Recently, I had a great conversation with Tom Cox, a consultant, author and speaker who coaches CEOs and business owners on how to get better results through more effective leadership. Tom is the owner of the website Tom on Leadership and he interviewed me for his podcast "How to Make Your Team Resilient". Helping teams become more resilient is at the heart of my own work, so I was excited to share some of what I have learned about team resilience with Tom. We covered a wide range of topics including:
  • The characteristics of novice, leader-dependent, and resilient teams;
  • Some simple and effective ways that leaders can make their teams more resilient and how they can add considerable value to their organizations by taking a more detached perspective;
  • Making room in a team for creative conflict… the “clash of ideas" as a way to improve decision-making.

You can hear our entire conversation here:

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